Rumer has it!

For over 39 years, we have been providing the greater Ohio Valley area with technically superior repair, installation, and design/build heating, air conditioning, and ventilating services. We have also been installing geothermal in residential and commercial properties the longest of any HVAC contractor in the Ohio Valley, 25 years, and we have one in our own home.

What does that mean to you?

When hiring our company, you access trained service technicians who remain current with advancing technology; you obtain thorough estimates that determine the heating and cooling needs for each room, which ensures your comfort, as well as an operating cost analysis between various energy sources and how quickly you can realize a return on your investment. The longevity of the company ensures we will be here for you well into the future.

While we install all types of heating and air conditioning equipment, our specialty is geothermal systems. We have over 450 systems installed in the area providing cost efficient heating, cooling, and domestic hot water.

Another specialty is source removal air duct cleaning. Most furnace filters are only about 7% efficient, which means dust and other allergens collect in your air ducts. We use a system of compressed air, high powered vacuum, and brushes, if needed, to get inside the ducts and remove accumulated unhealthy debris and grime.

Who is working in your home?

All of our employees are drug tested and have had a six-category background check. We pay into Ohio and West Virginia Workers Compensation and carry liability insurance. All of these efforts ensure you and your home are protected.

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Customer Testimonial

Dear Owners and Employees of Rumer Loudin, Inc. I found it very refreshing to encounter a business that showed as much professional courtesy to me as you did this week. You, your company, and your employees are #1 in my book. Many people today have forgotten the importance of public relations and the effect it has on those we associate with. You can be assured that if the need arises I will look on your company as the one to purchase from in your area, and when discussions arise personally with any of my acquaintances about services of your nature, you will be highly recommended. Thanks again for your help.

Mickey A. Bache, Maintenance Repair Worker, District 11 Facilities Department, Ohio Department of Transportation