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Things to Check Before Requesting Repair

Things to Check Before Requesting a Repair…


No one likes to pay for a repair they may have been able to handle themselves and we don’t like charging for them.  Here are some things you can check on your own before requesting a repair.  Please be sure you are comfortable doing this, we don’t want you to harm yourself or your home if you don’t know how your system is connected to your electrical and water systems so of course we have to say this is a disclaimer of any responsibility if you don’t do things correctly.


  • Check all fuses and breakers.  Breakers for the condenser (outdoor) unit for an air conditioner can often become tripped over the winter.
  • If you have a digital thermostat and your screen is blank, you could need to replace batteries in the thermostat itself.
  • If you have a high efficient gas furnace, which vents gases and sometimes intakes air with white plastic (PVC) pipe, the pipe can get plugged with all kinds of things: ice, snow (if deep enough), birds’ nests, bug nests, dead birds, children putting gravel, marbles, balls and other items in there, and we have even heard of drunk neighbors urinating in them.  If the pipes become blocked, a safety in the furnace senses it and will shut the furnace down.  If that blockage is removed, often it will fix the problem.
  • Also on a high efficient gas furnace, there is usually a condensate drain.  If that gets plugged, a safety is triggered and will shut the furnace down.   The damp environment invites mold, mildew, and green icky junk to grow, so you may want to try to clear that out to see if it gets you up and running again.
  • Make sure you have oil or propane.  Yes, we get a few calls a year where we find the tanks are empty.
  • Check your air filters.  Clogged air filters can cause many problems: lack of air flow, higher energy bills, dirty evaporator coils, cracked heat exchangers, over heating of the furnace causing safety lockouts.
  • Check to be sure icy weather hasn’t caused your condenser fan motor to stop working on your heat pump.  This can happen when there is sleet or an ice storm.  To get rid of the ice, just pour warm water over the fins on the top of the condensing unit.
  • An air conditioner removes humidity and a condensate drain typically runs into a floor drain or is pumped out with a condensate pump.  If you see water on the floor in the summer, it could be your condensate drain piping is plugged up with slimy gunk.  If you get it cleared out, it may stop your water problem.


If you need or want repair, please call, but these suggestions may save you from spending your hard earned money on a repair you could have made yourself.  Call 740-425-3134 for Barnesville or 740-695-2487 for St. Clairsville.

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You might save some money on a service call if you check these before calling us. If those don't fix the issue, give us a call!

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