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Air Conditioning Tips

There are several things you can do to be sure your air conditioner will perform well for the season.

First of all, be sure your breaker is on to your outdoor unit.  Many times the breaker was shut off for some reason or tripped over the winter and we get a service request and all that was wrong is the breaker needed reset. Also, be sure your filters are clean. 

Check to be sure no weeds have grown  or debris has fallen into the outdoor unit.  Also, check for nests.  Unfortunately, earwigs, ladybugs, wasps, and other critters can find their way into contactors and other controls so you can be sure those types of interferences are gone.  Also, be sure your registers are unblocked and open. 

Sometimes a room gets too warm and the damper in the register is closed but needs opened in the air conditioning season or furniture has been rearranged and the registers are covered.  Also, some ducts have dampers in them, accessible in the basement and they need opened for air conditioning season. 

You would want to also be sure your outdoor coil is clean of grass clippings and dirt. 

Check the drain for your air conditioner to be sure it is free flowing and won’t back up to fill up the evaporator coil pan and allow water to run into your furnace.  It is a damp environment so it promotes growth of icky stuff (never found out scientific name) that can clog your drain. 

Taking care of all these items can go a long way toward maintaining the most efficient operation of your system and prolonging its life.  Of course, if this is difficult for you to do or to remember to do, we can sign you up for a maintenance agreement and perform 2 checks per year, one for the heating season and one for the air conditioning season.  Look for more information on our website on how to purchase a maintenance agreement.

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You might save some money on a service call if you check these before calling us. If those don't fix the issue, give us a call!

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