Rumer-Loudin, Inc.

Rumer-Loudin, Inc. Appointed as Accredited Bosch Contractor

Rumer-Loudin, Inc. has been appointed an Accredited Bosch Contractor (ABC). Accredit Bosch Contractors are members of a select group of professional heating and air conditioning installers. They are individually selected by Bosch Thermotechnology Corporation, then inducted into the program, factory-trained, and equipped with the information and tools required to install, service, and maintain Bosch and Buderus equipment to the highest professional standards.

ABC contractors commit to attend factory training and routinely perform quality installation of one or more products such as geothermal heat pumps, heating boilers, tankless water heaters, heat pump and solar hot water systems.

Only ABC members may offer their customers an exclusive no-cost one-year extended warranty in addition to the standard factory warranty, for added peace of mind. After installing the customer’s Bosch or Buderus heating or cooling system, the ABC contractor registers the products on the customer’s behalf, and the customer receives a certificate of registration as proof of the extended one-year warranty as well as the standard warranty.

According to Jim French, the North American VP of Sales for Bosch Thermotechnology, “Rumer-Loudin, Inc. exhibits the skills, technical experience, commitment to customer service and sound business practices to become an Accredited Bosch Contractor. Bosch is pleased to welcome Rumer-Loudin, Inc. to its ABC Member Program.”

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