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HVAC and High Efficiency Homes

Thinking about building a high efficiency home? Or maybe you already have one, and have questions about it’s heating and cooling system. We found a great article from our friends over at ACCA Now that helps explain special HVAC considerations when choosing a system for high efficiency homes.

Behold, the home of the future!  The home with special high-efficiency windows, doors, appliances, and lights.  A space-age ventilation system that exhausts harmful pollutants and brings in healthy clean air for the family, pets, and plants; so they all flourish in this virile environment.  The home’s space-age construction, nearly airtight and well insulated, ensures that it is effortless to heat and cool.  The home’s integrated control system works seamlessly (and best of all, the whole house functions on a small steady stream of power produced on-site.  Won’t it be great to live in the house of tomorrow?

This technological marvel is built every day, but some of these houses are as comfortable as a cave, and not a capsule.  Why?  HVAC contractors MUST follow good design practices, or their customers will suffer because of three big challenges.

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