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15 Home Comfort Tips for Heating Season

Home in Winter

Looking for ways to keep your home comfortable during the colder months? Here are 15 home comfort tips for the heating season.

  • During the a/c days but heating nights, be sure your thermostat is in the correct mode to accomplish what you need.
  • Make sure your furnace works before it is an emergency.
  • Check your flues to be sure they are clear from obstructions like bird/bug nests, leaves, etc.
  • Check any fuses or breakers to be sure they haven’t blown or tripped.
  • Check and change or clean your air filters regularly
  • Ensure all registers are open and uncovered, not blocked by rugs or furniture.
  • If the sun shines in a certain window, keep coverings open so you can use the sun’s heat gain to help warm your home (unless the windows are leaky!)
  • If your thermostat screen is blank, check for batteries and change as needed.
  • Check your gutters to be sure they are not leaking onto the outdoor unit of your heat pump, which can then freeze and damage your condenser fan blades and motor.
  • Make sure you have propane or oil in your tanks.
  • Always have a form of back up heat such has an electric or kerosene heater or on the wall gas heater.
  • If you need to have service done, make sure there is access to the furnace.
  • Consider adding insulation to your attic for better heat retention. If the snow melts off of your roof when at or below freezing, then you need more insulation.
  • Consider covering leaky windows with a layer of plastic for better heat retention.
  • Block those drafty doors with improved threshold seals.

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