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Bill & Jill P.

To whom it may concern—-
We had furnace problems the first part of this week (March 1)–Tom showed up and go some heat coming–later it quit again–Tom responded and tried some magic with his fingers crossed–all this time our 25 year old furnace was going to have to be replaced soon–everything quit–Tom showed up again and was able to schedule a replacement for just a couple of days since we were without heat.
Kevin and Bob showed up early–these guys are good at what they do plus their social skills with the customer are outstanding and comprehensive. Their compassion as well as all I talked [to] on the phone was without a doubt GREAT!!!
We’ve bought three homes in the area and have never been treated this way with such caring and professional manner–These guys are worth their wage and probably even more so—
“You get what you pay for”–don’t lose these guys!!
Bill & Jill P.

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