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David C.

Both John and Lance did a great job in installation and were very polite, kept the house clean, and made us feel good about choosing Rumer Loudin. I went to my Mom’s house to work while they did the install. My Mom left with her friends to go shopping and see a movie in case the house got too cold. While I tried to not be in their way as they installed the unit, I also would from time to time go see if there was anything they needed and check on the progress. One of the things that I appreciated from both men was their willingness to talk with me about some of the technical things. About three other HVAC companies in the OV were not like that at all. First of all, I appreciate the time they took to hold my hand, but I also got the impression they knew what they were doing. It made me feel even better about choosing Rumer-Loudin. When they left, you could not tell anyone had been to the house. They were also very respectful of my Mom. I would strongly recommend them to any other prospective customer. In fact, one of my Mom’s neighbors said she was impressed and was interested in getting a heat pump to replace her oil furnace. She said she was going to ask Rumer-Loudin for a bid, and her nephew owns an HVAC company in town. He is the guy, who put in the poorly sized unit at my Mom’s house.

As far as operations go, the unit seems to be working very well. My Mom loves that you can get the outside temperature reading at her thermostat. John said that Tom asked him to connect this outside thermometer. Plus, my Mom told me the next day she was surprised at how much heat was coming out of the registers. Another thing that both my Mom and I noticed is how quiet the unit runs. My Mom says she can’t hear the inside air handler and the outside unit is also very quiet. The difference in noise between the old unit and the new one is very impressive. My Mom has been calling her friends telling them how good the unit is.

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