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Mike A.

Hi Kellie:

I’ve got a story I have to tell you…….

So, I get back from vacation on July 7th….and I walk in my house…and my air conditioning is not running…and my house is like a furnace!!!!

So we turn the unit off…and then back on… and the unit starts right up….
but…the fan is running….and the A/C itself really doesn’t come on.

So I place a call to your after hrs. emergency number…since it’s now evening. Someone…who turns out to be JJ returns our call…and we set it up so he can come out on Sunday to take a look…

He is to be at our house between 12:30p-1:30p on Sunday…and by George, he is there right on time…. he spends about an hour at the house…and diagnosis is is that the compressor is shot…..

So we agree that he will do an estimate on a new unit for us.

On Monday…I stop by your St. C. Office to check on an estimate….and JJ is off because he hurt his back….. …but as I am leaving….Tom comes out to me and says…he wants to come down to the house and check to see if he can get it running….he does come down…checks it out and concurs the compressor shot.

He then does an estimate for us right at our kitchen table…which we immediately agree to.

On I believe either Wednesday or Thursday we get a call from Tom…he says everything is in…and they want to come down and install…..

Jody and I believe Jason come down….along with Tom who gets them started…

They get everything done by 2:30pm…and we have terrific air conditioning back in our house.

I tell you all of that…so I can tell you this…. from the very beginning starting with JJ answering the call…to Tom overseeing the project…to the super job Jody and Jason did…. it was an absolutely terrific effort and job by your company for us!!!! On a scale of 1-10…you guys get a 20…that’s how good it all was!!!!

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate ALL that you guys did for us!!!!!

If you ever need a testimonial….. I’m your guy!!!!

Rarely do we ever hear if anything goes right…or is even great…. and I’m telling you your people are GREAT!!!!!!!

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